Android 4.0 SDK 下载

2011年10月19日 Android 暂无评论

Google在香港发布了Android 4.0系统,并面向程序员发布了开发工具包,现已可以在Android开发中心下载。

Platform Package Size MD5 Checksum
Windows 33846273 bytes 48d44ae4cfcadede68621acb53caee80
installer_r14-windows.exe (Recommended) 33853391 bytes 4f1cb329a41328c2cee2908b31ae6f6b
Mac OS X (intel) 30428734 bytes 812887018435382de8486f3bb26a5db4
Linux (i386) android-sdk_r14-linux.tgz 26075938 bytes 35c989ff67184766dc4960813ede8ab5

 is now downloading. Follow the steps below to get started.

Here's an overview of the steps you must follow to set up the Android SDK:

  1. Prepare your development computer and ensure it meets the system requirements.
  2. Install the SDK starter package from the table above. (If you're on Windows, download the installer for help with the initial setup.)
  3. Install the ADT Plugin for Eclipse (if you'll be developing in Eclipse).
  4. Add Android platforms and other components to your SDK.
  5. Explore the contents of the Android SDK (optional).