Sabayon Linux 7 发布下载

2011年10月12日 Gentoo/Sabayon, Linux 暂无评论

基于Gentoo,搭载linux kenel3,KDE 4.7, GNOME 3.2 和 Xfce 4.8 的 Sabayon 7 发布了。


Linux kernel 3.0, GNOME 3.2, KDE 4.7, Xfce 4.8, LibreOffice 3.4 are just some of the things you will find inside the box. During this cycle, the development team spent a lot of time on integrating GNOME 3.2 the way users might actually start to love it. At the same time, Sabayon Xfce has been promoted to non-experimental release, for those missing GNOME 2


Download: Sabayon_Linux_7_x86_K.iso (2,035MB, MD5, torrent), Sabayon_Linux_7_x86_G.iso (1,611MB, MD5, torrent), Sabayon_Linux_7_amd64_K.iso (2,257MB, MD5, torrent), Sabayon_Linux_7_amd64_G.iso (1,840MB, MD5, torrent).