《Lynda.com 用Dreamweaver CS6建立第一个网页》(Lynda.com Creating a First Web Site with Dreamweaver CS6)[光盘镜像]


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Paul Trani会展示如何用Dreamweaver CS6一步一步建造一个网页。但并不是随便的一个网页。而是一个互动的,跨浏览器、设备的,拥有完整丰富的图片和文本的,包含视频、甚至联系表格的HTML5网页。


Join author Paul Trani as he shows how to create a web site step by step with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, one of the industry's leading web authoring tools. But not just any web site. A responsive HTML5 web site that works across multiple browsers and devices, complete with rich imagery and text, a robust portfolio, video content, and even a contact form. This course covers how to use web standards such as HTML5 for structure and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to control colors, fonts, navigation, and more. The course also demonstrates how to test across multiple browsers and devices and upload your new site to the web.

Topics include:
Understanding basic web principles
Adding content to a web page
Linking to web sites and email addresses
Styling content with CSS
Creating a layout that fits multiple browsers and devices
Building an HTML5 layout
Inserting images and video
Adding a menu bar
Creating a contact form
Integrating a Twitter feed
Uploading and testing a web site

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