《Windows Vista 入门教程》(Lynda.com – Windows Vista Essential Training)[ISO]


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Lynda.com - Windows Vista Essential Training

著名软体教学公司 Lynda.com 出品的 Windows Vista 入门教程。在这些基础培训中,讲师杰夫范西为你提供全面的指导,在讨论 Vista 的示范安装与眾多的新特性之后,杰夫将为你讲解怎样 Vista 中运行版本较旧的软件、定制电脑设定以及逐步排查故障等知识技巧。

Windows Vista Essential Training
with: Jeff Van West

In Windows Vista Essential Training , instructor Jeff Van West offers comprehensive guidance through the often-daunting task of upgrading Windows system software. After discussing Vista's many new features and demonstrating the initial installation, Jeff explains how to run older software, customize settings and the desktop, and troubleshoot along the way. The tutorials also cover the ins and outs of taking Vista on the road for portable computing, from setting up security to working with all types of media and optimizing performance. Exercise files accompany the training.

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