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[linuxsight@localhost ~]$ conary
Conary Software Configuration Management System

Common Commands (use "conary help" for the full list)

Information Display
  config        Display the current configuration
  help          Display help information
  query/q       Query the local system database
  rblist        List the rollbacks available in the rollback stack
  repquery/rq   Query one or more Conary repositories
  search        Search the system model for available packages
  showcs/scs    Display information about a changeset file
  verify        Verify filesystem matches conary database

System Modification
  erase         Erase software from the system
  install       Install software on the system
  migrate       Migrate the system to a different group
  rollback/rb   Roll back operations stored in the rollback stack
  update        Update or install software on the system
  updateall     Update all the software on the system


[linuxsight@localhost ~]$ cd /etc/conary
[linuxsight@localhost conary]$ ls
arch        distro     macros.d         site         use
components  groupinfo  pubring.gpg      tags         userinfo
config.d    macros     recipeTemplates  trustdb.gpg


[linuxsight@localhost conary]$ conary install opera
Write permission denied on conary database /var/lib/conarydb/conarydb
[linuxsight@localhost conary]$ sudo conary install opera
[sudo] password for linuxsight:
Resolving dependencies...The following updates will be performed:
    Install opera(:data :doc :lib :runtime)=11.50b1-1-1
continue with update? [Y/n] y
Applying update job:                               
    Install opera(:data :doc :lib :runtime)=11.50b1-1-1